Feliu's list of giveaway programs This is a very modest list of programs that I have written and that somebody else might find useful. Unless otherwise stated, all of them are FORTRAN 77.

A program for the assignment of coordination polyhedron to 7-coordinated species. (Described in F. Maseras, O. Eisenstein; New J. Chem., 21, 961-967, (1997))

Finds the most different terms in the vdW part of the MM3 output file of one molecule and its distorted form.
(Used in G. Barea, F. Maseras, Y. Jean, A. Lledós; Inorg. Chem., 35, 6401-6405 (1996).)

Conversion programs

A series of programs for interconversion of input/output files between different programs. All of them: (a) very simple, (b) largely improvable, (c) poorly documented (and in different languages!).

predi5 From gaussian94 to Chem3d (Cartesian coordinates 2).
predi6 From mm3 to Chem3d (Cartesian coordinates 1).
predi7 From xmol to Chem3d (Cartesian coordinates 2).
pmm3 From Chem3d to mm3 (cartesian coordinates).
kadena From Chem3d to mm3 (list of chains + attached atom list).
pxmol1 From mm3 to xmol.